Hatif Libya


Other services …

Electronic charge
It is a prepaid electronic service programmed for dealing with these phones, and through the direct attendance of the communication office belonging thereto.
It is undetermined where it starts from dinar to infinity.

Share balance
It is available with amounts covering the uses of companies and public bodies for the wire and wireless fixed phone. The body or the company will provide the service application to the competent offices to provide the same to each area, where a number of phones will be gathered in one account, and choosing one of the numbers as a main phone to charge the balance from those phones.

Manner to get the service
Service working mechanism
Determining the main phone from which the balance is deducted.
Determining the phones which will share the balance.
Determining a monthly share for each number with a determined amount selected by the body itself, where it may not exceed it unless the new charge date comes.
It may also determine the maximum daily consumption for each phone.
Possibility to terminate or activate the service automatically by determining a time period therefor.

Sharing mechanism
The priority of balance deduction is from the main phone account.
When the monthly share exhausted for any sharing phone, and another sharing phone balance is available, the system will deduct the balance therefrom.
In case of exhaustion of the monthly share of any sharing phone and the exhaustion of balance from the other sharing phones, then it will be impossible for the subscriber to make any local or international calls, and he shall wait until the next month or recharge the sharing phone itself.

Prepaid public phone services
The prepaid public phone is one of the services having an efficient role in providing a communication means in the reach of all bodies:

1. Providing communications services and expanding them to include the Libyan areas and citizens.
2. Enhancing the tourist activities through providing communications means in the tourist areas.
3. Enhancing the interfacial commercial activity by providing communications means in the industrial and commercial areas.
4. Enhancing the servicing activity by providing communications means in all educational and health institutions ….etc.

Targets locations
All offices belonging to the company.
Public hospitals.
Main roads and public places.
Schools and institutes.