Hatif Libya


Rented lines …

The rented lines are available quickly starting from 64 kilobyte per second and increase to 155 megabyte per second. The services secured by such lines are as follows:

The phone services through the transferring systems
By this service we can provide the customers with phone lines from the different digital switchboards which cover all over the country, as well as connecting the internal tonalities specific to the customers to their affiliates and any sites they need. Through the hotline service, the subscriber may cope with his urgent works and those having specific nature.

Information transfer
Our esteemed customers may exchange information and data and making them transferred easily and quickly from the bodies they desire through modern digital channels and connections.

Sites interface connection
Through our different transferring systems you will be able to make network interface connection for all your affiliates and departments as well as any other sites you desire to communicate therewith.

Paths opening
When a customer is in sites to which our networks and transferring systems do reach, we can provide the customer with variety of alternatives, such as wireless connections or opening paths and executing civil works to connect the customer with the operating networks through the competent persons with us, or through competent companies contracting with us.

Temporary connection
This is in religious and national occasions and during the holding of the basic people's congresses, as well as the popular feasts and festivals.

Audiovisual transmission
It includes:
Transmission of Friday prayer, Holy Koran competitions, and the different activities of the General Authority for Endowments.
Transmission of matches and sportive activities.
Scientific and cultural symposiums.
Closed circuit.

After contract services
Operation and installation
Through our specialized engineers and technicians, apparatuses and equipment related to the service, and performing the tests so that the subscriber could receive the service in the required specifications.

If breakdowns or interruptions happened in the service because of reasons beyond our control, or for force majeure events, then our competent persons will follow the path over the transferring system and the local network to perform the necessary maintenance and repairing.

Path transfer and change
When your sites change, or if you want to transfer the service to another place, then through our different paths your address will not change, as we will secure to you the service wherever you want.

Change of transferring parameters
Upon your desire, or as a result of development of the communications systems, we can change for you the transferring parameters as per your choice and coping with the best.

Quality improvement
Upon remarks, critics or even complaints coming to us from the subscriber, we will translate the same to technical recommendations aiming for improving the quality of services and the method of offering and marketing the same.

Providing the peripherals
Through our competent administration, directly or through suppliers approved by us, we will provide the subscriber's needs of peripherals and equipment necessary for the service.

Type of parameters and transferring systems
• Fiber-optic cables system.
• Centimetric waves system.
• Sea national cable.
• Ground cables and other.
• Wireless connections.

Inquiry about the manner of providing this service. Please contact the trading department in the company.