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Report Malfunctions …

In order to provide the best services you can now report any problems that may occur to your phone line by filling out the following data:

Area code:      Phone number:     Mobile number:      E-mail:       Address:      Problem:


You can also report a breakdown in the landline telephone by sending a short message to the number (9090) consists of a phone number and the area code as well as the number of the problem type as the table below.

Phone line is not working.


The line is working associated with noise.


The line is working interference by other line.


Interruption of tone frequently.


The line works under another number  "an exchange of numbers"


Phone is not ringing when you receive a call.


ADSL is not working.


Other Cases.




Malfunction Inquiry:

SMS From (Libyana or Almadar)  through (9090).


If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service at 1616. 


  Or click the following link( FFs.ly).