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Customer Service Centre ...
To ensure that we meet the needs of our customers to ensure a high level of efficiency and speed, we have worked in the company to establish a customer service center so that means our customers under the auspices of customers and answer their questions and follow-up and to find successful solutions to their problems.

Contact the Center:

Direct number 1616

E-mail contactcenter@hlc.ly

Center employees will respond to any questions and provide technical support to any service provided by the company on the clock. In addition to the above provides a call center service reservation of seats for the customers or what is known as Outsourcing for companies and institutions Public, private and harnessed to serve the customers the companies concerned.


In order to raise the quality and efficiency of service contacts at the highest level for our customers and to facilitate their dealings with the company.
Based Customer Service Center (Customers Service Center) techniques to ensure the finest quality of service interactive with our clients via phone, fax and the Internet within 24 hours.