Hatif Libya


Added services (fixed phone advantages) …

The prepaid system provides several added services, represented in several advantages among which is the international direct dialing (IDD) for the fixed phone lines, and other privileges (additional services) granted to the subscriber upon his request against symbolic prices. Some thereof are granted free, after filling a special form with the subscriber's data.

The advantage of (subscriber's name change) is restricted to the submitters of documents evidencing the amendment or change of the name in a legal manner through a judicial judgment issued from the court. Nothing else is considered.

The added services are:

1. Number showing advantage CLIP.
2. Fax advantage IWF.
3. Internet advantage to the wireless fixed phone (Packet data service).
4. Advantage of transferring the coming calls to another line CF.
a- Immediate transfer CFU
b- Conditioned transfer CFB
c- Case of no answer.
d- Case of line busy.
5. Advantage of waiting or receiving two calls in a time (call waiting).
6. Advantage of stopping the receipt of calls (non-disturbance).
7. Advantage of controlling the sending with confidential SIM.
8. Advantage of gathering between three subscribers (meeting "conference call").
9. Alaram call advantage.
10. Receipt only advantage.
11. Sending only advantage.
12. Advantage of canceling the automatic call feature.
13. Advantage of canceling the internal call feature.
14. Hotline advantage.
15. Advantage of reducing the required number.
16. Advantage of storing the last calling number.
17. Advantage of transferring both the wire and wireless fixed phone.
18. Advantage of the local and international zero number, free of charge.

Libya Phone Company has granted the advantage of control the local and international call, free of charge, to all subscribers, where such an advantage contributes in controlling the expenses resulting from making national calls (0) or international calls (00), where such an advantage allows the subscriber to make national calls only through entering his own passport.